International Women's Day Diamond Art

International Women's Day Paint Art

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Monochrome Canvas Conversion for Square Diamond Art Kits

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Diamond Painting DIY Kits for diamond art- DIYmoon Shop


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About Us

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Art or Diamond Painting is a therapeutic art-based hobby craft wherein faceted beads are pasted to a canvas to make art with no mess. No experience is necessary with diamond painting. All you need is the ability to match the bead with the code and place it on the stick canvas. 

DIYmoon Shop diamond painting kits come three kinds of beads: Rounds, Squares or Candy kits. Round beads are circle-shaped and made with acrylic beads for shine. Square beads are square-shaped and made with resin. Candy beads are circle-shaped rhinestone beads that look like hard candy. All DIYmoon Shop diamond painting kits are printed on premium poured-glue adhesive canvas. They all come with tools needed to enjoy the craft. If you have your own tools, you can also request to remove it. Simply look for Kit Tools Options in the products menu.

DIYmoon Shop Diamond Art becomes even more beautiful when you use Special Treatment Add-On Beads! Simply look for the recommended beads and order them individually. Most come in circle-shaped unless specified and are sized to fit all types of DIYmoon Shop diamond painting kits: rounds, squares, candy. 

What is Paint By Numbers?

Paint Art or Paint By Numbers is a wonderful art-based hobby craft wherein paint is used to color a canvas with number-coded shapes. If you enjoy painting and want to have a beautiful painted wall art without complexity, purchase a paint by numbers kit with DIYmoon Shop.

What is DIYmoon Shop?

It is a family-owned boutique hub for truly unique Licensed DIY Diamond Art By Chart, Paint Art By Chart and accessories. Here, you can experience the art of select artists through this fun, amazing and therapeutic hobby!

We pay royalties to our licensed artists. This means they are paid each time their art is used on a product sold. So if you purchase in unauthorized stores outside of this website, the artists won't get the support they need and deserve. To ensure you're purchasing from official shops, contact the artist.

We pride ourselves in our creativity and care for our customers and artists. If you have any questions, simply message us through our email. Thank you and enjoy!