New Artist Collaborator: Cherriuki collection now available!

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Introducing our latest addition to our talented pool of artists at the shop : CHERRIUKI Create her beautiful art as diamond paintings. See it come to life in diamonds!

Cherriuki is an Australia-based Manga Kawaii artist. Her favorite subjects to draw are girls and rabbits. Much of her art is inspiration from her favorite animes and video games. Among making pretty fantasy-themed art, her favorite hobbies are cosplaying, photography and playing video games.

Also known as Cherri, or Cherry Rabbit, Cherriuki has teamed up with DIYmoon Shop so we can create her beautiful images into wonderful diamond paintings. Choose from several sizes for each design.  

Her full collection for diamond painting kits can be seen at our website


Create her beautiful pieces as Diamond Painting DIY Kits 

Check out her 
Website :

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