Jekaterina Griskjane

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This is a protective carrying case for your diamond paintings. This is perfect for storing your canvas, beads and tools whether you are at home or on the go!

ZULI ART TUBE 5.5cm in diameter inside and is telescopic; 50cm long but stretches to 80cm.

ZULI ART TUBE PLUS 6.5cm in diameter inside and is telescopic; 52.5cm long but stretches to 82cm.

 It is made from thick, durable plastic and has an adjustable strap.

If you order this along with some diamond painting kits, they will be packed inside it, which would provide even more protection for your paintings while in transit.


About the Artist

 "I was born with pencil in hand. I studied graphic design in college and university. Since that time I am drawing everything and everywhere — for books, advertisements, visual examples, textile and etc."

For me is important, that creativity is my mirror, that’s why usually I draw kind, cute, with big eyes creatures, which are created to bring a smile.

In my work I love mixed technics, but usually I use acrylic and watercolour paint."

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