SUNFLOWER by Claudia Tremblay Diamond Painting DIY Kit FULL DRILL

Claudia Tremblay

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This is a collaboration with Canadian artist Claudia Tremblay.

Claudia soul-searched around the globe until she was 24 years old, returning to her hometown in Quebec to care for her mother who had been diagnosed with cancer. During this time she took the opportunity to study horticulture. 

Sadly, after her mother's passing, as a way to cope with mourning she once again felt the need to leave, this time accepting a job with a non-government organization in Guatemala helping build medicinal gardens along Mayan refugees.

It was during this time that she decided to start painting to capture the beauty of what she saw.

On her website, it states, 'Her (Claudia) paintings represent the melancholic souls and inner strength that motivates these women.

Claudia remained in Guatemala for 14 years, establishing herself as a successful self-taught painter.

Sadly, due to rising violence, she felt it safer to return to Canada where she now lives with her Guatemalan-born son. She continues to paint children's books and images for her etsy shop.

Her intention behind every painting as she states on her bio is still the same after many


For more on Claudia Tremblay visit her Etsy shop and website



This is part of our new effort in helping support amazing artists continue their craft by sharing their art in the medium of diamond painting.

    Each package will include a diamond painting DIY kit complete with canvas, beads, pick up pen, wax, tray and small baggies for storing opened beads. You will receive everything needed to complete the painting.

    This kit comes rolled and in a sturdy box.

    Available in 3 sizes 



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