I MISS YOU SO MUCH by MICHELLE XIA Licensed DIY DIAMOND Art By Chart Kit ***NEW ARTIST LAUNCH! MICHELLE XIA | 20% OFF PROMO!!! July 25-31, 2021!!! ***

Michelle Xia

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Take advantage of this great introductory offer and get your Michelle Xia diamond art by chart (diamond painting) in the 1st 4 days of her launch at a 25% SALE!

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Michelle Xia, originally from Sichuan, China, is an artist currently residing in Taipei.

"I have loved painting since I was a child, and I like to express my emotions through images, hoping to resonate with everyone.

My creations stem from the Joy, anger, sorrow, the variety of life, and the love of nature. Flowers, birds, insects, fish, clouds and rain all touch me.

I work hard to explore and seek a more distinctive self, humble and hopeful, keep working hard!" - Michelle Xia



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This painting is part of our new effort in helping support amazing artists continue their craft by sharing their art in the medium of diamond painting.

    This is a pre-ordered diamond painting DIY kit complete with canvas, beads, pick up pen, wax, tray and small baggies for storing opened beads. You will receive everything needed to complete the painting.

    To learn more about Michelle Xia, visit her Instagram: 



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