ANNE by SAMY Diamond Painting DIY Kit FULL DRILL ***New Artist Launch Promotion until 11:59pm Philippine time 06.30.2021***


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 Free gift only until 11:59pm Philippine time 06.30.2021

Small diamond painting (Minimum dimension is 30cm) - Choose one (1) FREE gift! 

  • Acrylic Cover Minder - Samy
  • Cabochon Key Cover Minder Samy

Medium diamond painting (Minimum dimension is 45cm - Choose one (1) FREE gift!

  • Acrylic Cover Minder - Samy
  • Cabochon Key Cover Minder Samy
  • Special Treatment

 Large diamond painting (Minimum dimension is 60cm - Choose one (1) FREE gift!

  • Acrylic Cover Minder -  Samy
  • Cabochon Key Cover Minder - Samy
  • Special Treatment
  • Zuli Tube    Samy

Click here for Special Treatment

Want to order a Special Treatment Add-on for this? Request it on the order notes and we will work on it and send pricing with no additional shipping before we ship to you!

    This is a pre-ordered diamond painting DIY kit complete with canvas, beads, pick up pen, wax, tray and small baggies for storing opened beads. You will receive everything needed to complete the painting.

    This kit comes rolled and in a sturdy box.

    Samy - DIYmoon Shop Artist Collective

    My name is Samy, have 21 years, born and raised in Brazil. 
    I am graduated in graphic design and in love with digital illustration.  
    in my career as an illustrator, I always explored the nuances of pink, always trying to bring subtlety to my arts, this being the main focus of my creations.


    Create her beautiful pieces as Diamond Painting DIY Kits at

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