Ste-Anne Mermaid

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This is a licensed by artist pre-ordered DIY Paint Art By Chart. 

You will receive everything needed to complete the project!

  • Licensed Charted Paint Canvas 40x50cm
  • Officially Licensed By Artist Emblem Cabochon Magnet
  • Labeled Paint Set
  • Paint Tub Holder
  • Brushes
  • Paper Chart
  • Foil Sheet
  • DIY Frame (Add-On Option)

Your first DIY Paint Art By Chart will come with a Starter Kit Gift!

  • DIYmoon Shop Pouch
  • Brush Rest
  • Washi Tape

If you've been wanting to paint without hassle or having any art lessons, a DIY Paint Art By Chart by DIYmoon Shop is for you! You can paint just like your favorite artists and create beautiful artwork as easy as A-B-C.

A - Choose licensed artwork from our talented artists. We pay royalties every time a product with their art is purchased!

B - Buy the kit with or without a DIY frame.

C - Charted Paint Canvases are easy to follow. Simply look for the corresponding code within the shapes and paint at your own pace!

About the Artist

Anastasia is a taiwanese musician and illustrator currently based in Montreal, Canada.

With a Postgraduate Degree in Art and Design and a Bachelor Degree in Music, she brings to life images by integrating these two of her expertise together either traditionally or digitally.
For her all-time love of mermaids, Anastasia created her original character- The Little Mermaid Living in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue- and most of her artworks now depict stories with whimsical accents that are fantastically developed based on this Ste-Anne mermaid.



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