Whimsical April - NEW ARTIST LAUNCH ***April 5-30, 2021 11:59pm Philippine Time***

New Artist Launch - KARLA GERARD

Part 1 Freebies! ***Period April 5-11, 2021 11:59pm Philippine time*** 

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        Karla Gerard:

        Karla Gerard headshot

        "I am a self-taught artist from Maine, USA. My passion is painting patterned landscapes and abstracts with crooked houses and swirl trees. I combine folk art with abstract. I think the patterns come from my love of fabrics. Inspirational sources: house/décor magazines, color charts, nature, dreams and spontaneous ideas.

        My colorful paintings are in acrylics mostly, sometimes with paper elements. It has been said that my paintings carry you to an imaginary world.

        My art has been published in magazines, newspapers, school lesson books and I illustrated a children’s book. I created an adult coloring book, published in 2016, with over 45 of my illustrations. I have been represented in art galleries and I have had a painting in a Warner Bros. movie."

        If you want see a painting from her website that you do not currently see in our collection, simply message us so we can check if we already have licensed the image or so that we can request it from her. It's that easy!

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