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Diamond Painting Buying Tips : How To Choose Based on Size and Design

Buyer’s remorse sucks. Unfortunately, at times it does happen. For most diamond painting enthusiasts this may eventually happen, especially when buying from shops for the very first time.

In our Facebook Support Group from diamond painting, Diamond Painting DIY Kits and Completed Work, a member posted a diamond painting she wasn’t too happy with.  Here’s a photo of the project that she declared was just, ‘horrible’.

Image of a Finished Diamond Painting Our Group Member Wasn’t Happy With


In this partial diamond painting, we see a printed canvas without beads pasted on it; hence a partial and not a fully drill or fully pasted project. In the middle of the picture we see what should be the shiny beads glued onto a pre-existing picture.  Instead of enhancing the picture, the beads in this one, just made the image look very cartoon-like (and not in a good way), especially next to the detailed image of the canvas.

As what our group’s member, Leigh Nightingale posted, “It’s horrid, looks like I’ve just slapped a cartoon castle from Minecraft on there”.


To prevent you from bad buyer’s experience, let me share a few tips when buying your diamond painting kits.

How To Buy Diamond Painting Kits

1.  Check the size

Here’s a visual comparison to make it easier to know what size you are buying.

Each typical diamond painting canvas size as compared to an iPad.

a.) Small 20 x 17cm

This size can only work as a diamond painting if you have a large image that doesn’t really showcase much detail. An image of a big flower or a big solid object can still show enough detail at this size.

Here’s a sample, Squirt from Finding Nemo Diamond Painting.

20 x 17cm Finished Diamond Painting


b.)  Semi-Small  30 x 20cm

This size too can work with designs similar to that of the 20 x 17cm. Pictures of a butterfly, a bird, or a balloon can work beautifully. Watch out though, as images with a face will still look pixelated at this size. If you have a more abstract image, this size can still work . Here’s a finished diamond painting featuring a dancing couple. As you can see, the painting still looks beautiful.

30 x 20cm Finished Diamond Painting


c.) Medium 40 x 30cm

This size will work perfectly for most designs as it’s big enough to get detail.  The only images that would not be as recommended for this particular size are any images with small faces.  If you have an image of a street with a lamp post, it would work nicely, but if that same image included a crowd of people, expect that you won’t get much detail but a more pixelated version of that crowd.

40 x 30cm Finished Diamond Painting


d.)  Semi-Medium 50 x 40cm

Another bigger size that would work well with most designs.  Animal faces and even up to two people’s close up faces will already work with a canvas of this size.  A crowd of people though, or too much detail may still require a bigger size.

50 x 40cm Finished Diamond Painting


e.) Large 60 x 45cm

Custom diamond painting designs work great with this size. It’s a large enough size to have up to four close up images of people’s faces. Obviously, you may still lose detail if you try to squeeze way too many people or intricately drawn images onto this size. Sceneries work well for this too.

diymoon custom image


f.)  Extra Large 120 x 40cm


You may often hear most experienced to the craft of diamond painting that ‘the bigger, the better’. This is definitely true.  A canvas this size give you the most options when it comes to choosing designs. Whether you are going to choose images of people, animals, mythical creatures or sceneries, a diamond painting this size gives enough detail which will showcase your project’s detail from near or afar. Kits of this size don’t come cheap, but you won’t regret the money you spent once you see how beautiful your finished project looks.

120 x 40cm Finished Diamond Painting


2.  Check The Coded Canvas

Although some sellers might not show a photo of the actual canvas you will get with your kit, really try to find one that advertises the actual coded canvas.  You may purchase a design that looks beautiful, but unless you get to actually see the coded canvas that comes with the kit, you won’t really know how to visualize the finished project. If a seller includes pictures of the finished project, then great.  But if they don’t, then there is still a doubt on how well the finished painting will look like.

Back to the horrid castle diamond painting shared by our Facebook group’s member, here are comparison photos of the kit, as the advertised photo, as the coded canvas and as the finished project.

Advertised Diamond Painting Design

The image show intricate detail of the castles towers.  There are also a ton of windows in this picture.


The Coded Canvas That Came With The Kit

Looking at the coded image, we barely see any detail.  There appears to be a lot of random squares, but the actual image of the castle that we saw in the advertised picture has disappeared in the canvas that comes with the kit.  This should be a warning sign that the finished project will look completely different from the original image.

The Finished Diamond Painting

And here is the finished diamond painting.  Look at how different it is from the original advertised photo. You don’t see any detail, heck, you don’t even see a castle; just some colorful blocks.

So next time you make a purchase from the many sites selling diamond painting kits, really look for an image of the actual kit, or at least an image of the canvas you will be beading with drill. If it looks very similar, almost identical to the advertised image then you know you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Here are some examples.

130 x 40cm 3 Panel Peacocks and Vase Diamond Painting Kit

In the image above, you can see the close similarity to the advertised picture compared to the coded canvas you’d receive in the kit. Kits like this will obviously look just like the advertised picture, if not even better.


With that in mind, take a look at the next image.

As you can see, the advertised picture of the kit (very top picture) looks very similar to the actual coded canvas (middle picture). Not only are they very similar, but upon completing the project, the finished version (bottom picture) is an even better image than the advertised picture.

Watch a video of this actual diamond painting as a finished project compared to the unbeaded canvas here.

I hope these two tips help you in your next shopping experience for diamond paintings.

If you have any questions, just comment below and I’d be happy to tackle it in my next blog post.