Artist Collaborations

Artist DIY Diamond Paintings

Experience art on a whole new level with DIYmoon Shop Artist Collaborations! This is where DIYmoon Shop and amazing artists come together and present unique DIY diamond paintings that the community will truly enjoy.

We believe that by transforming our artists' work into diamond paintings, our customers become more intimately connected to the artist and the work of art. Our customers get to recreate the painting, but because it is in a different medium, they also get a sense of pride that can be appreciated by everyone that sees their work.

DIYmoon Shop Artist Collaborators

Tanya Shatseva

An acrylic painter and illustrator in the genre of pop surrealism based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Anna Dittmann

Scotland based digital illustrator, Anna Dittmann. Originally from San Francisco and a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, she draws inspiration from mythology, history, organic natural elements and much more to make her passion for portraiture come to life.


John Shannon

UK-based artist John Shannon. His love for the moors and woodlands reflected in his fantasy and Celtic-inspired art. He is a self-taught artist who is humbled by the appreciation he receives for his work.


Dee Jae Pa'Este

Philippine-based street artist, Dee Jae Pa'este and grew up in California to a Filipino mom and Polynesian dad, Pa'este has since moved to Manila where he's created a buzz with his vibrant art. Incorporating both cultures of tribal patterns and native elements into his artwork, his graffiti art is seen in the hippest spots in the Metro as well as some of the coolest surfing resorts and hostels around the country.


Medusa The Dollmaker

Self-taught Spanish digital and traditional illustrator, Medusa The Dollmaker. Medusa's artwork is sometimes vintage, sometimes steampunk, but always eye-catching.


Aja Trier

Her use of vibrant colors and textured paintings create dreamy pieces reminiscent of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Her quirky and whimsical paintings exude fun. 


Jack Magurany

US-based  artist, Jack Magurany. Although the artist has immersed himself in various corporate professions, he has declared that he continuously keeps getting drawn back to his true passion of being a painter. His signature bright and bold colors are used to portray iconic figures in his art.


Claudia Tremblay

Claudia has traveled to many parts of the globe before and after coming back to Quebec to care for her mother who had been diagnosed with cancer and has sadly passed away. A good part of her time away from home was in Guatemala where she found inspiration to paint to capture the beauty, the melancholic souls and the inner strength that motivate the women she has met throughout her journeys.

She now lives with her Guatemalan-born son back in Quebec and continues to paint children's books and images for her etsy shop. Her intention behind every painting as she states on her bio is still the same after many


Mary Jane Bolshakova
Mary Jane is a self-taught freelance illustrator.
Her family of four have been location independent for years. Her work is mainly inspired by the complex beauty of people, her daily life as a mother and a wife, and her love for travel enveloped with a general positive mindset.
She also recently ventured into exploring the world of children’s book illustrations. The idea of bringing an author's story into life with the use of her work excites her as an artist.


Sybile Art

Sybile Art is an artist and illustrator from Brussels and enjoys painting pictures of dainty women with flowers. She loves to work with contrasting colors. Her art is influenced by Oriental porcelain dolls. She is followed by artists and non-artists alike. Her regular drawing and painting tutorials give her followers an inside look into her process. She is driven by her passion of not only creating beautiful pieces of art, but to also share her knowledge on the craft.


Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is a Russian-Israeli painter. His unique style of painting using palette knives create an interesting play on color and texture.

Instead of telling a story, Leonid focuses on the emotion the audience feels upon seeing his paintings. His use of many short strokes creating images is intended to arouse feelings of happiness, peace and joy. So much so that his paintings have actually been published in various medical and health magazines as examples of stress reducing paintings. The painter's work has been used in psychotherapy sessions to help uplift the emotions of patients.

Howie Green

Howie Green has spanned decades of creating numerous colorful works of art. From traditional paintings, to hand-painted decorative products and even psychedelic designs on vehicles and furniture.

Howie's Pop Art Style is very reminiscent of the groovy 60's.

"They say if you remember the 1960's, you were never really there. Well, I remember those days very clearly and I love revisiting that crazy, anything-goes psychedelic pop art style - Groovy man!" - Howie Green

Creating his colorful, eclectic and upbeat art as diamond paintings is a sure joy!

Yishu Wang

Yishu Wang is a Beijing-based artist. Born in China and raised for some time in Japan, she merges her influences in art with her dreamy portraits of little girls.

"They are my emotional shelter, carries all my happiness and sadness, combined my past and present, thus these girls are innocent and yet sometimes they can feel complex emotions." - Yishu Wang
Margaret Morales

Visual painter and designer, Margaret Morales brings to life images of stylized watercolor portraits. Her paintings are comprised of soft flowing lines with vibrant colors.

Margaret's work depicts women in a dream-like trance, heavily influenced by her love of nature, contemporary artists, RPG games, fantasy and Japanese culture.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, her artistic accolades consist of worldwide shows with two lined up for the year in the United Kingdom.