Custom Diamond Painting

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Custom diamond paintings are great for individuals that have a particular design in mind. These designs can be anything under the sun, but more than likely, designs that get customized with us are family photos or their own designs!

Custom Diamond Painting DIY Kit - Family photo with a background by DIYmoon Designs for Carissa Smythe

This is an example of a family photo used for a custom painting for diamond painting by Carissa Smythe. We made some tweaks to this photo such as the background so that the focus is on the siblings. 


Custom Diamond Painting DIY kit - Drawing by Sybile Art and background by DIYmoon Designs for Theresa Wheeler
This is an example of a customer designed Diamond Painting DIY kit and it was an order from Theresa Wheeler. The drawing is done by our Artist Collaborator, Sybile Art, for the client as a gift for becoming a Patreon subscriber of her art! Theresa went to us to convert it, and we created a matching background to make a complete design!

Sometimes, there are customers that show us some love and actually make a design that make us really happy and want to keep making every one of our customers as happy as possible.

Custom DIY Diamond Painting DIY Kit - Designed by DIYmoon Designs for Pam Ferriss

This is a design we helped Pam Ferriss with. She remembers a time when DIYmoon Shop's studio was in a high floor in a tower with an amazing view. She wanted a painting that would capture the view and to somehow integrate the logo. So, we took one of the photos we had of the view from inside our studio then and added a logo as if it was a sticker on the window, added our family photo to the side and to make it very personal to her, we added images of the diamond paintings by our artist collaborators that she has completed along the window sill.

Here at DIYmoon Shop, we can make a custom diamond painting DIY kit for anyone that wants a high quality version of a design they have in mind. Think of us as a printer of diamond painting DIY kits. However, as you can see with a few example above, we do more than meets the eye and all of our satisfied customers know this.

If you are interested in getting a custom diamond painting DIY kit, you will need to see samples and get pricing. Please click here: custom diamond painting image samples



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