Rewards Program

At DIYmoon Shop, we love giving gifts to our customers. It is our simple way of saying thank you for shopping at our store. From the first time our customer shops, to limited edition gifts, to top customer levels, we love to think of amazing gifts that will excite our customers to come back and shop! We announce their achievements and their gifts to the world through our packing vlog.

Royal VIP Customer is at the top of the list, which means they get what Diamond VIPs and VIPs get. But what is amazing at this level is that they receive an amazing gift! Since we keep things exciting we change it from time to time. Subscribe to our social media to find out the latest Royal VIP gift!

Diamond VIP Customer is the starting level with the cool perk of receiving an early purchase access to our Limited Edition Kits on top of the cool perk that VIPs get. In addition, they receive a beautiful and worthwhile gift. Subscribe to our social media to find out the current gift for Diamond VIPs. They also receive a dance from our children which is a fun and cute way to celebrate this occasion! 

VIP customer is the level where the customer receives access to the secret VIP store plus a vintage style key. This is very exclusive!

The qualifications for these VIP levels are dollar amount based, but we don't disclose it simply because we want it to be a surprise and we want our customers to focus on enjoying their kits at their own pace. 

6th Kit Purchase is the next level down. Customers become recipients of a very cool diamond painting drill pen for purchasing their first six (6) diamond painting kits.

First Time Purchase is for our new customers, we give them a cool gift! Subscribe to our social media to find out the latest First Time Purchase Gift!

Limited Edition Kits and Special Edition Kits is for all of our customers. Limited Edition is for promoting new artists, while Special Edition Kits, are for our existing artists and paintings. This is where we use our marketing budget to stock up on kits and spice them up with various amazing gifts to match the design of the painting we are promoting. They are the same price as the standard edition because all the extras are gifts. Gifts included vary all the time. Sometimes they are blankets, earphones, crystals, and even jewelry. But sometimes, they are also items found in the shop such as art tubes, diamond painting drill pens and special drills! So you can see, getting these are always a good idea because so much value is packed into them.



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