Artist Sticker Bead Board and Cover Minder/Keepers - HOLLY MORNINGSTAR Gloria

Holly Morningstar

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This is a useful board for containing diamond painting beads when working on a project. Just like a palette for a painter, this is your palette for your beads.

These bead boards are sold exclusively at DIYmoon Shop as part of the DIYmoon Shop Artist Collective.

Each board measures

48 x 15 x .6 cm or 18.75 x 5.85 x .25 in

These Bead Boards are wooden and are matched with removable plastic triangle trays and acrylic labels. 

Each purchase of an Artist Bead Board comes with FREE erasable marker to match the labels and trays chosen.

This board is part of DIYmoon Shop Artist Bead Boards Fall Collection 2020


Each purchase of these artist products helps our artists continue their passion, via artist royalties. Thank you for supporting our DIYmoon Shop Artists!


With this product you will receive :

1. Wooden Bead Board

2. Plastic Trays & Acrylic Labels

3. Matching Erasable Marker

4. Cover Minder/s and Keeper/s 


**Boards are handmade and are never made exactly the same. Each one is unique.

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