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BESS HOUDINI by MEDUSA THE DOLLMAKER Diamond Painting DIY Kit 50 x 70 cm FULL DRILL Round Beads

Medusa The Dollmaker

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This is a collaboration with self-taught Spanish digital and traditional illustrator, Medusa The Dollmaker. Medusa's artwork is sometimes vintage, sometimes steampunk, but always eye-catching.

This painting is part of our new effort in helping support amazing artists continue their craft by sharing their art in the medium of diamond painting.

    This is a diamond painting DIY kit complete with canvas, beads, pick up pen, wax, tray and small baggies for storing opened beads. You will receive everything needed to complete the painting.

    This kit comes rolled and in a sturdy box.

    Full Drill, Round Beads

    50 x 70 cm

    To learn more about Medusa The Dollmaker, visit her website: www.MedusatheDollmaker.com


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