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Add some spice to your diamond paintings with this array of DIYmoon Shop green crystals. Use them to highlight areas in the green hue on your diamond paintings!

If you need help where to place them with kits you have purchased, simply let us know you'd like a Special Treatment conducted using your chosen Special Beads.

We'll conduct the placement (on top of the plastic cover) and show you several versions you can choose from.

This set of green crystals come in 1 small vial for $4.

Need more than 1 small vial? Simply add more vials to get the amount you need.

We have crystals of different colors as well as other types of Special Beads so you can truly create a masterpiece that will be like no other diamond painting. Placing your chosen Special Beads in specific areas in your diamond painting is the ultimate way to personalize your paintings and truly make it your own.


A  Abalone : These sparkle almost like mermaid scales, hence they are highly recommended to be sprinkled on fish scales or a mermaid's tail in paintings.

B  Green Fluorite : Just like the gem,these beads change in color from green to pink in certain lighting.

C  Apple : Apple crystals have a yellow green color and change between the two hues in different angles.

D  Labradorite : Although mainly green in color, Labradorite, just like the rock found in nature, also shine in some blue hues in certain lighting.


E Tree : Beautiful green crystals perfect for adding a night highlight on leaves, plants and other green nature elements.

F Emerald : With the color of the gem emerald, this is a great crystal to use in highlighting jewels worn by subjects in diamond paintings.

G Deep Emerald : Similar to Emerald, this makes a perfect addition to diamond paintings to give a subtle sheen on green jewels. 

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