KURT COBAIN By Leonid Afremov Diamond Painting DIY Kit FULL DRILL

Leonid Afremov

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This is a collaboration with Russian-Israeli painter, Leonid Afremov. Leonid's unique style of painting using palette knives create an interesting play on color and texture.

Instead of telling a story, Leonid focuses on the emotion the audience feels upon seeing his paintings. His use of many short strokes creating images is intended to arouse feelings of happiness, peace and joy. So much so that his paintings have actually been published in various medical and health magazines as examples of stress reducing paintings. The painter's work has been used in psychotherapy sessions to help uplift the emotions of patients.

Leonid continues to paint sceneries, landscapes, portraits, seascapes and memories of sights from his many travels from the comfort of his home in Mexico, near Cancun, where currently resides. His paintings have a signature look and each one as bright and colorful as he would want us to feel when we look at his art.

Learn more about Leonid Afremov here



This diamond painting is part of our new effort in helping support amazing artists continue their craft by sharing their art in the medium of diamond painting.

    This is a diamond painting DIY kit complete with canvas, beads, pick up pen, wax, tray and small baggies for storing opened beads. You will receive everything needed to complete the painting.

    This kit comes rolled and in a sturdy box.




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