Lioba Brückner

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This is a licensed by artist pre-ordered DIY Paint Art By Chart. 

You will receive everything needed to complete the project!

  • Licensed Charted Paint Canvas 40x50cm
  • Officially Licensed By Artist Emblem Cabochon Magnet
  • Labeled Paint Set
  • Paint Tub Holder
  • Brushes
  • Paper Chart
  • Foil Sheet
  • DIY Frame (Add-On Option)

Your first DIY Paint Art By Chart will come with a Starter Kit Gift!

  • DIYmoon Shop Pouch
  • Brush Rest
  • Washi Tape

If you've been wanting to paint without hassle or having any art lessons, a DIY Paint Art By Chart by DIYmoon Shop is for you! You can paint just like your favorite artists and create beautiful artwork as easy as A-B-C.

A - Choose licensed artwork from our talented artists. We pay royalties every time a product with their art is purchased!

B - Buy the kit with or without a DIY frame.

C - Charted Paint Canvases are easy to follow. Simply look for the corresponding code within the shapes and paint at your own pace!

About the Artist

 Lioba Brückner is a surrealist painter based in Oberhausen, Germany. She is known for her translucent layers of oil and superimposition of plants and insects on portraits of young women with melancholic and dreamful moods.

She draws inspiration from contemporary artists, old masters, Japan and movies about fantasy and science fiction but you will see a constant development of style in her body of work. You will feel the emotion the artist experienced at the period of the piece's creation while witnessing her fascination of feminine beauty through the aesthetic of her art.

Her work is shown all over the world and now you have the chance to immerse yourself in her body of work through the collaboration with DIYmoon Shop.

Check out her work here

Website :

Instagram :

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