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This is a useful board for storing diamond painting beads when working on a project. Just like a palette for a painter, this is your palette for your beads.

Make diamond painting even more fun with these unique pieces. No two are ever made exactly the same. Each have been either hand painted, hand designed or decorated. Each piece is a handmade product.

These DIYmoon Shop Bead Boards are collectors' items and are art pieces on their own. Get yours today!


Each board measures

48 x 15 x .6 cm or 18.75 x 5.85 x .25 in

These Bead Boards are wooden with removable plastic triangle trays and acrylic labels.

 With this product you get :

1. Wooden Decorated Bead Board with Minder Keepers

2. Plastic Triangle Trays

3. Acrylic Labels

4. Erasable Marker

5. Cover Minders

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