RED BY LEILANI JOY Diamond Painting DIY Kit

Leilani Joy

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DIYmoon Shop is proud to introduce to you yet another awesome collaboration with the very lively and lovely, Leilani Joy. The US-based artist created art that match her zestful personality. Vibrant color palettes of women is suspended fantasy.

Create her beautiful work as DIY Diamond Paintings and experience her art.

Also releasing with her launch is a LIMITED EDITION Joy by Leilani Joy Diamond Painting with over a dozen special beads, a pair of foldable sunnies, hair tie, neon hair extensions and fairy light dreamcatchers; each handpicked to match not only the artist's style but also her personality.

The Limited Edition Kit is first released to our DIYmoon Shop Royal VIPs, then to our Diamond VIPs, then to VIPs and then to the general public. This is part of our VIP Rewards Program at the shop.

Once the Limited Edition Kits are sold out, the regular kit without the gifts and the Special Treatment pack may then be purchased. Gifts may or may not be available for purchase. Special Treatment Packs are sold separately. 

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