SPECIAL TREATMENT PACK Kimono by Cathy Delanssay

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Look may vary based on the beads chosen and size of the canvas as well as the availability of the packaging.

Get the special beads used for the special treatment conducted on Kimono by Cherriuki 30x85cm Rounds Limited Edition Diamond Painting Kit!

Attention: The same exact round and flower beads will be used for square kits if you order this kit and may not fit exactly within the square grid. If you are very rigid on your alignment or do not like blended kits, this special treatment pack is not recommended for you.

**This is not the Limited Edition kit

Included in this Special Treatment Pack are

  1. Old Gold Diamonds / Rose Gold Diamonds (depending on availability)
  2. Prism Pearls
  3. Flower Gems (NOT included in SQUARE kits)
  4. Instruction Manual on How To Create the Kimono Special Treatment as seen in the product videos
  5. Lemon Pearls (only on 50x145)
  6. Fire Opal Crystals (only on 50x145)

Cathy Delanssay is a French illustrator. She creates dainty images of women and elemental beings in delicate surroundings. She not only makes pieces of artwork sold in print, but also stationary and art therapy.

She also creates animation for children workshops in schools and libraries.

Cathy's drawings are inspirations from travel and culture.


Her full collection for diamond painting kits can be seen at our website www.DIYmoonShop.com


Create her beautiful pieces as Diamond Painting DIY Kits 


Her collection of designs that can be made into diamond painting kits at the shop



Check out her 
Website :


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